Terms and conditions - Speaks with Spirits

Speaks with Spirits web site sets out to provide one to one Mediumistic personal readings to clients. The information during each reading is held in the strictest confidence. Each client must be aged 18 or over in order to become a client. Readings are to be paid for in full prior to the allocated appointment time as agreed between the parties.

PayPal is available. (Please see the buy button on the home page).

All information given by the reader is to enhance the clients’ well-being, that being said, personal responsibility must be taken regarding all information offered during the session. No liability can be held against the Medium for any information given or life choices made by the client based upon information given during the reading.

Once a booking has been agreed and paid for, kindly attend the arranged meeting. No shows shall forfeit the fee. My schedule is booked in advance; I prepare myself for your reading, therefore unless an exceptional emergency has occurred payment is non-refundable.


Due to new laws in the EU, it is necessary for me to explain to all my clients that my readings are for entertainment purposes only. In the world of Mediumship it is unfortunate that our services are often misunderstood by the scientific community. I therefore shall comply with the law of our land and state this claim here. All callers must be 18 years of age or over. All readings are to be paid for via PayPal.

I wish you only love and clarity during my readings. It is my hope that as time goes by that the work of mediums is seen more usually as a worthwhile and wonderful gift to the world. 

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Terms & conditions - Updated September 2013