I am a Spiritualist Medium. This gift has been with me since I was a small
child when my Spirit Guide would connect with me. Over the past twenty five
years I have had the privilege of giving messages from the Spirit world directly to people from all walks of life, via private readings as well as demonstrations at spiritualist venues.

My readings consist of demonstrating evidence that life is eternal and that your loved ones can communicate with you. Evidence consists of Names, symbolism, words, songs and phrases that only you could know, personal details that only Spirit can bring. Each reading is unique and there is never any guarantee of what shall exactly be given.
I literally 'speak with spirits'. I have the ability to feel the emotions, the physical pain of deceased loved ones, it may seem disconcerting but the sensations are a way to clearly show you life goes on after a passing has occurred. Mediumship is about guidance and healing, where I can connect you with your loved ones and they have the chance to have a conversation with you from a higher plane of existence.

Spiritual readings are also a valuable way to clarify life issues
or blocks that you might be encountering. It is always a
pleasure to be the conduit for your loved ones to communicate.
I work with love and genuine positive regard for all concerned
with the highest degree of integrity.

"It is always my aim to give upliftment and happiness to a client, to know that my abilities can be used for the highest good of all concerned, to bring peace as well as comfort is a true joy."

Contact me via angiemooneyes@outlook.com for us to set up a time for your reading. 'I am available from 10 am until 2 pm Tuesday to Friday during UK school term time. Payment is in advance via paypal.

Click on the button to pay for your reading in advance.

Reading is carried out via either Skype at 'Speaks with Spirits' or by telephone.
Once a time for your reading has been agreed, if you prefer a telephone reading rather than Skype I can inform you of the specific number to call when your appointment is set up.

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To learn more about my work please read my testimonials. My book 'Searching for Mooneyes' the unfolding of my spiritual life,
is available at www.amazon.co.uk

"A fantastic story of a wonderful, exciting, adventurous and at times sad experiences of a couragous lady. A life story that is so well written I felt I was with her! It has helped me to reflect on my own life and put certain events into perspective. Highly recommended!"
Having visited Angie recently I was amazed at the messages which came through for me. She talked about things she could never have "guessed on". They were definitely relative to my growing up, very specific to me and I would definitely visit her again in the future. I came away feeling very relaxed and like lots of things had been resolved for me.
~ Yvonne
Angie has such a gift for tuning into spirit and allowing what comes to speak through her, and in a way that's fun and engaging.

I did a session with her early 2013. I felt that I was at a turning point, had various ways I could go, and wanted psychic guidance to help light the path. The session left me clear on the overall direction I'd take and the key things I'd remember as important and true as I did so. Much of what Angie said would happen has transpired. For example, I've ditched a number of business relationships that were proving heavy, tired and "old me". And I'm beginning to use my own personal experience, and the learnings and benefits I've gained from it, as the basis of my work with others. I'm also feeling myself be more courageous, creative, spiritual and real than I have before. ~ Christine

I am delighted to have had the good fortune to cross paths with Angie. She is such a gorgeous,warm compassionate genuine soul as well as inspirational and honest.The upliftment that I felt after the reading was astonishing, I was flying. I was given confirmations and she knew things that she could not possibly have known.I highly recommend Angie and have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in saying that you too will be delighted and uplifted with your reading. Angie, you have influenced my life in such a positive way and I cannot thank you enough.You are a unique, positive and beautiful soul, you truly are an Angel. I am honoured to know you ~ Carolyn
Just a note to say how meeting Angie and having my cards read has helped me move on with my life. I have had them read twice over a year and she was spot on both times she also did other members of my family and was all so spot on with them. After going in hospital for an operation in January 2013 for a shoulder problem I met Angie for the first time on my birthday in the following May she told me I would be going in hospital but all was going to be fine at the time I did not know the operation had not worked and when I found out I was going to have to go back in I was so sure after what she told me I was going to be all right which I was, she has helped me to move on with lots of things she is a lovely person. ~ Julie